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“Cheater Wax” Formula with a Long Lasting Effect

“Cheater Wax” formulation with a long lasting shine and protection effect. Sequence Trade Name INCI Name % Mineral Oil 13.0 Butyl Glycol 14.3 White Spirit 4.5 Oleic Acid 2.7 Acetic Acid (80%) 1.8 Dehyquart® CSP Special Cationic Composition 9.3 Oleyl Amine 4.3 Oleyl Amine 2 EO 0.9 Water to 100 Formula No. TR-07-0108  

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Manual & Automatic Wash & Wax Detergent (2 in 1)

Using a special hydrophobic cationic this wash and wax vehicle cleaner gives the appearance of using a wax. Sequence Trade Name INCI Name % Water 79.0 Tetrasodium EDTA 1.0 Dehydol® 980 Fatty alcohol Alkoxylate 16.0 Dehyquart® CSP Special Cationic Composition 4.0 Dye, Perfume q.s. Preservative q.s. Formula No. TR-07.0110    

2021-12-17T13:05:14-05:008th February 2017|

Shine and Dry Rinse Agent

Shine without the use of Silicones. Sequence Trade Name INCI Name % Cetiol® PGL Hexyldecanol’ Hexyldecyl Laurate 13.0 Mergital® MES 2 Fatty Acid Sunflower Methyl Ester 4.5 Fatty Acid C 16-18 2.7 Dehyquart® CSP Special cationic Composition 9.3 Ethomeen 0/12 Bis(2-Hydroxyethyl) Oleylamine 4.3 Arlypon® VPC Ethoxylated Fatty Alcohol, Ethoxylated Fatty Amines 1.0 Acetic Acid (80%) [...]

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