Highly effective “threshold” scale inhibitor for various mineral scale deposits such as barium sulphate, calcium carbonate and calcium sulphate. Derived from Inulin, a natural substance extracted from chicory.

DEQUEST® PB 11625D prevents inorganic salts and particulate soil deposition that would otherwise result in greying of linens . Of special interest is the combined action of DEQUEST® 2010 and DEQUEST® PB 11625D that results in very low fibre incrustation.

Each fructose and the terminal glucose unit carry 3 reactive groups, which can be substituted into carboxymethyl groups; practically, 3 degrees of substitution are produced; DEQUEST® PB 11625D with carboxymethylation degree 2.5.

Although chelant might have a detrimental effect on the efficiency of enzyme contained in detergent, DEQUEST® PB 11625D does not affect enzymatic efficiency. Furthermore, none of the standard DEQUEST® grades have shown a negative influence on the new generation of amylase. Unlike other chelants, DEQUEST® PB 11625D have the ability to inhibit scale formation at sub-stoechiometric level and exhibit good thermal stability and do not undergo hydrolysis in pH ranging from slightly acidic to strongly alkaline. DEQUEST® PB is not suitable for acidic formulation.

DEQUEST® PB 11625D has a protective effect against glass corrosion occurring in the course of the dishwashing process, and is particularly useful to prevent the formation of large crystals of calcium and magnesium salts which would otherwise be responsible for filming and spotting on glass, china and metal.

Can be formulated into liquid, by easily formulated by mixing a liquid grade DEQUEST, or powder detergents, by direct mixing of a solution in the crutcher or by spray-drying the neutral or alkaline solution on a granular detergent base. The thermal stability of DEQUEST® and DEQUEST® PB 11625D are high enough to allow spray-drying in any type of equipment without adverse effects.

The good environmental profile of DEQUEST® PB 11625D makes carboxymethyl Inulin an excellent formulation ingredient for detergents designed to meet sustainability profiles.

DEQUEST® PB 11625D Inulin derivatives demonstrate their benefits owing to:
• Excellent calcium tolerance
• Scale inhibition and dispersion properties
• Attractive environmental profile

DEQUEST® PB 11625D has use as:
• Co-builder
• Synergetic boosters for stain removal in combination with DEQUEST® phosphonates
• Anti-incrustation additives
• glass corrosion inhibitor
• dispersant (anti-redeposition)

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