Silwet L-7608 silicone surfactant is an incredibly potent and unique surface tension reducing agent for aqueous applications. It is a profoamer and also provides exceptional sheeting, penetrating and superwetting properties for your formulation.

Features & Benefits of Silwet L-7608

  • Superwetting
  • Penetrating
  • Sheeting
  • Surface tension reduction
  • Profoaming
  • Secondary emulsifier
  • Antistat
  • Dispersant


This product should be used at 0.05% – 0.5% of the final formulation. It can be used at higher levels in concentrates. Lubricating and antistatic requirements tend to need the upper end of concentration levels; surface tension effects are usually imparted by using the lower end of the range.

Typical Physical Properties

Properties Value
Aqueous Cloud Point (1%) <25°C
Surface Tension (0.1%) 21.5 mN/m
Viscosity, cSt, 25°C 35
Color, GVS 1
Flash Point, °C (°F) >118 (>245)
Actives, % 100