Tegotens® EC 11 is 100 % active, biodegradable material described as a fatty alcohol ethoxylate, end-capped with butylene oxide. TEGOTENS EC 11 provide low foam at room temperatures and is non-foaming above 45 °C . Is miscibile with all anionic, cationic and non-ionic surfactants. TEGOTENS® EC 11 exhibits:

  • Good solubility in aqueous systems without any solubilizers or hydrotropes
  • Good stability in hard water
  • Stability in acidic systems
  • Stability in hot and alkaline systems
  • Good wetting properties

Reduced spotting. Improves anti-redepositioning. Wash/rinse aid. Non-foaming above 45 deg. Biodegradable
Nonionic, low foaming
Wide pH range: 2 – 12.

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      End-Capped Fatty Alcohol Ethoxylate