Household customers account for the largest share of car wash & detailing industry revenue at approximately 76%. Car Wash & Detailing household customers are broadly defined as consumers that have a driver’s license, own a car, and are older than 16 years of age.  Business customers contribute 22% of industry revenue. Revenue from this segment is largely derived from servicing delivery vans and taxi cabs.

“Recent improvements in consumers’ disposable income will help the industry rebound in the coming years, with anticipated revenue growth of 3.3% annually to reach $7.7 billion by 2018.”

Key industry drivers include consumer spending habits and new car sales. Through 2023, motor vehicle registrations are expected to increase 1.3% annually, resulting in increased consumer demand for after-market services such as car washes.

The industry includes full and self -service car wash facilities, as well as truck and bus washes and vehicle detailing services. Interior cleaning and hand wax services are offered by 59.4% of car wash centers, followed by exterior cleaning (56.5%), shampoo floor mats (50.7%) and upholstery cleaning (46.4%) to name just a few.


Sources: Car Wash Industry Profile (First Research), Mintel, EPA & Wash Trends Magazine, Professional Car Wash & Detailing Magazine. Infographics with Infographic Creator.



The sustainability trend has taken precedence over the last 5 years. 83% of all ingredients found in consumer car care product launches in North America have a green claim; for instance, biodegradable and plant-based. Additionally, environmentally friendly product and botanical/herbal are included in the top 10 marketing claims. Furthermore, the need for environmentally friendly and waterless/no rinse products due to environmental concerns and restrictions are of increasing need and desire.


Today, household products marketed as multipurpose compete with products designed specifically for car care, more prominently in the surface and glass cleaning categories.

29% of household product launches in North America are positioned as all purpose/multi-purpose surface care, driving their extended use as alternatives to clean car surfaces.

This is creating further market opportunity for the HI&I formulator, while increasing the need for differentiation from the manufacturers of products targeted exclusively to vehicle care. The focus is on multipurpose products that are fast acting and provide repellant and protection properties to ensure long-lasting cleaning benefits.


Odor neutralizing, ease of use and time/speed are included in the top 10 marketing claims for car care product launches in North America over the last 10 years. In line with today’s consumers lifestyles, products that reduce cleaning time and make next-time-cleaning easier continue to be in high demand.


Dicoco Quat CARSPRAY 300 Beading & sheeting. Versatile. 70-80% active in IPA (no added water).
Quat/Nonionic CARSPRAY 400 Promotes sheeting while maintaining beading on surfaces.
Quat/Nonionic CARSPRAY 401 High flash version of CARSPRAY 400 in Propylene Glycol.
Ester Oil TEGOSOFT® OS Ethylhexyl Stearate. Versatile. Good biodegradability. Low toxicity and odor.
Ester Oil TEGOSOFT® OL Ethylhexyl Laurate. Versatile. Good biodegradability. Low toxicity and odor.
Formulation Aids
Nonionic CARSPRAY 205 Co-emulsifier. Superior co-emulsifier for drying aids/rinse aids.
Performance Enhancers
Silicone Quat TEGOPREN® 6922 Quaternium 80. Long-term protection and hydrophobicity. Speeds up the drying effect.
Silicone Quat TEGO® Polish Additiv Q 70 Quaternium 80 blend. Protection, high gloss, hydrophobicity, and color refreshment.
Amino Functional Silicone TEGO® Polish Additiv ACS Amosiloxane. Self-emulsifying (W/O) amino siloxane & protective surface finish. Water repellency. Weather resistance. Adds depth to color.
Surfactant Barlox™️ 10 S Decyl Dimethyl Amine Oxide. This controlled foaming surfactant can be used in a broad number of industrial applications where coupling, detergency and formulation compatibility are important. Amongst Arxada’s BarloxTM amine oxides, BarloxTM 10S is one of the lowest foamers.
Specialty Polymer REWOCARE® 755 Repels dirt, spot and streak free. Easier next-time cleaning. Speeds up drying effect. Gloss and extra shine.
Surfactant Dehypound® HDG Optimized, proprietary low foaming surfactant blend. Provides superior hard surface cleaning on broad spectrum of soils without needing solvents.
Surfactant Dehypound® M Optimized, proprietary, bio-based moderate foaming nonionic surfactant blend. Exceptional streak-free hard surface cleaning on broad spectrum of soils without needing solvents.
Surfactant Lutensol XL Series Nonionic surfactants with excellent wetting action & perform very well as emulsifiers. Good degreasing action.
Surfactant Lutensol XP Series Nonionic surfactants with high wetting power on hard surfaces.
Foam Boosting
Surfactant Dehyton PK 45 Amphoteric surfactant that effectively boosts foam and builds viscosity.
Surfactant Glucopon 420 UP Alkyl polyglycoside surfactant. Provides excellent detergency, superior wetting. High foam with good primary cleaning.
Surfactant Glucopon 215 UP Aqueous solution of alkyl polyglycosides. Good wetting and dispersing properties.
Essential Wash
Surfactant REWOQUAT® CQ AL 100 Blend of nonionic and cationic surfactants with excellent cleaning properties and optimal degreasing performance. Anti-static effects.
Drying Aids
Emulsifier TOMADRY™️ E 40 Balanced beading-sheeting action for optimized drying.
Other Formulation Solutions
Methylglycinediacetic Acid (MGDA) Trilon M Green, biodegradable. Effective at lower concentrations.
Caprylyl/Myristyl Glucoside Glucopon 425 N Made from renewable resources, readily biodegradable. Superior wetting, safe for all surfaces.
Proprietary Surfactant Inoterra DWE Biodegradable, environmentally friendly, NP-9 replacement. Efficient at low concentrations, superior degreasing properties. Excellent in spray applications.
Cationic Surfactant Dehyquart CSP Biodegradable, Provides quick drying, water repelling agents that leave a long lasting gloss effect. Less Flammable and more cost effective!


Cheater Wax

Wash and Wax Ready-to-Use Formula (for cleaning, shine and protection)

Manual & Automatic Wash & Wax Detergent (2 in 1)

CARSPRAY 300 Drying Agent Concentrate

CARSPRAY 400 Drying Agent Concentrate

Shine and Dry Rinse Agent  and another Shine and Dry Rinse Agent

Carpet Cleaner with Odor Removal

Odor Absorber Spray, Aqueous

All-Purpose Cleaner

Vehicle Rinse

One Step Surfactant Leather Cleaner and Conditioner