Yes, it goes on and on my friends. Some people started embracing it, not seeing all the fuss, but most have really hated forever just because it is the chore that never ends. 

You know that little diddy, and although we don’t believe humming along while doing laundry is going to help anyone, there are avenues to take that can alter the relationships consumers have with their laundry because lucky for you, laundry isn’t going anywhere. 

Just as not one size fits all when it comes to clothing, all machines are not the same, neither are all fabrics, and furthermore neither are the laundering needs. So why has the US taken a one size fits all approach to the Laundry Market? We will sort out (see what we did there) the lifestyle shifts of the modern consumer to help you discover the right approach for your brand. 

Fast Fashion has Faded

Don’t Stain a Good Reputation