When it comes to foodborne illnesses in the US, every year…

  • 48 million people get sick
  • 128,000 are hospitalized
  • 3,000 deaths

The fight against disease-causing pathogens requires a multifaceted approach that includes proper handwashing, cleansing, sanitizing, and disinfection of high touch surfaces. Disinfectants play a crucial role in this process, keeping hard surfaces and hands, germ free.

Quats are the most effective active ingredient used in disinfectants. They have proven effectiveness of killing at least 99.9% of disease causing germs (source: Arxada).

Quat-based disinfectant solutions are critical in the food handling industries where they prevent foodborne illnesses in farming operations, food processing and in packaging facilities, restaurant kitchens, and food service areas (souce: Arxada)

NUGEN® NR-128 Concentrate

  • Most effective product format in the fight against plastic waste for surface hygiene
  • Cost effective 1:128 concentrate, ideal for the food safety industry

NUGEN® NR RTU Antimicrobial

  • Quick, one-step spray – cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfection of food contact surfaces with no rinse required
  • Ideal for use in both household and professional settings

NUGEN® NR Disinfectant Wipes

  • Fastest, most convenient way to disinfect a large variety of surfaces with no potable rinse required
  • Offers food contact disinfection which is essential in the fight against viruses in restaurants and homes

High touch points for pathogen transmission

Contributing factors: the spread of pathogens in food service

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