With awareness rising on how wasteful we have become as a population, preservation and conservation are main drivers in the laundry category.  Water conservation will continue to shape new product development in the laundry category, driving the growth of concentrated liquid detergents and tablets, high-efficiency developments and cold water load improvements; specifically using products that inhibit dye transfer allowing for larger mixed loads, ultimately allowing for less energy and water usage.

Concentrates have the challenge of making the dosing easier, as some consumers feel that it is hard to understand and so they use more than intended, therefore, spending more money, which is what makes capsules an attractive format to consumers. Some brands have taken steps to increase ease of use by packing with scoops, or squeeze bottles (think of mouthwash for kids with dosing necks) when their product is in a powder or liquid format to make it easier for consumers to adapt to higher concentrations and get better value for their money.

Along with water conservation is the question of waste, so concentrated and multifunctional products are increasing in desirability to reduce packaging in households. Additionally, preserving the clothing they have by protecting fibers & colors both in the wash and outside and reducing the number of times clothes have to be washed fall into both the conservation and waste concerns of consumers.

There is an opportunity to combine the stain-removing and prevention power into the detergent. Aside from just washing however laundry care offers market opportunity through the inclusion of odor control, fabric conditioning, as well as refreshing claims, all of which aid in keeping your clothes from the wash longer. Making these types of products portable would be a key advantage, take inspiration from the personal care market with stick applications.

Lastly, laundry care is not free from safety concerns of consumers. Touting gentle is not nearly enough as claims of Hypo-allergenic and dermatologically tested have risen in the last several years. This also attributes to the increase in natural-based formulations on the market.




Rewoferm SL One

  • Bio-surfactant with an outstanding eco-toxicological profile.
  • Sustainable and biodegradable
  • excellent cleaning power and can be used for dish, laundry and hard surface cleaners

Lavergy® Pro 104 LS 

  • Higher level of washing performance: Study proved +70% washing performance boost with Lavergy® Pro 104 LS
  • Superior low-temperature performance, as low as 15°C
  • Enhanced stain removal, especially beneficial on egg, blood, and milk-containing stains
  • Improved dose effectiveness

Dehypound Advanced  

  • Superior detergency compared to NPE or LAE
  • No solvent required for premium performance
  • No gel phase allows rapid incorporation into water
  • Components all on EPA Inert List. Overall better choice for the environment


Sokalan HP 20

  • Increases performance in both Laundry and Hand Dish applications with reduced use of other surfactants and solids in formulation.
  • Prevents redeposition of soils in wash and highly effective in cold water, ensuring clean clothes with less energy use.


REWOQUAT® CQ 100 G – For Solvent-Free degreasing

  • Its remarkable cleaning power against organic soil means that it can often replace solvents or a solvent-based cleaner.
  • Performance in hard water and cold temperature
  • Phosphate alternative

Tego® Sorb A 30  – For malodor removal

  • Fast acting, long-lasting odor absorber, especially effective to remove unpleasant odors like cigarette smoke, sweat, garbage, pet smell, onion and garlic.

Tinopal® CBS-X  – For fluorescent whitening

  • Absorbs UV-light and re-emits it as visible blue fluorescence light, thereby increasing the whiteness of a substrate
  • Improves the cleaning efficiency in the laundry process
  • Prevents greening after multiple washing cycles

Rewoderm® LI S 80 – Caring for the hands

  • Vegetable-based system with excellent mildness and moisturizing properties. Skin-friendly and nitrogen-free.


Rewoquat® WE 45 

  • 86% active, biodegradable
  • Outstanding softening properties. Dispersions up to 20% can be readily prepared at ambient conditions. Imparts good anti-static properties to cotton and synthetic fabrics.