Why use surfactant blends? Other than the simplicity in formulating and product development; Safety, Sustainability and Performance are a few that come to mind. BASF has launched two performance blends that hit each of those pillars! Dehypound HDG and Dehypound M can replace/consolidate multiple surfactants, eliminate the need for solvents, and coupling agents in most formulations, reducing:

  • formulation/product development time
  • raw material handling and exposure
  • inventory footprint
  • production time

All while increasing productivity and being environmentally friendly. The improved formulation flexibility really is something to behold. Still, the performance is something we are genuinely excited for you to experience.

Dehypound® HDG

Dehypound® HDG is a high-performance, quat-free, non-ionic surfactant blend with excellent multi-soil cleaning properties. As an EPA Safer Chemical listed ingredient, it is designed to be formulated in institutional and industrial heavy-duty soil cleaning and degreasing products.

Powerful Performance

  • Powerful cleaning without solvents
  • Superior degreasing over a wide temperature range
  • 100% active, ideal for concentrated formulations of water-soluble pouches

Flexibility Through Compatibility

With product synergies such as:

  • Nonionic, anionic, cationic (including quaternary), and amphoteric surfactants
  • Strong acid, alkali, or neutral products
  • Multi-application possibilities for a broad range of soils

Dehypound HDG is the optimal solution for everything from Brewery & Dairy Cleaner, to Fabric Prespotters, to Oven & Grill Cleaners.

Dehypound HDG Info & Sample

Dehypound® M

Dehypound® M is a high-performance, sustainable, nonionic surfactant blend that enables powerful cleaning without the need for solvents. With a moderately high foam profile, low film, & streaking effect, it is an ideal solution for foam or aerosol dispensing cleaners among many others.

Proven Performance 

Dehypound M outperforms the benchmark home care all-purpose cleaning brands at soil removal testing by being nearly twice as effective. The performance drives application flexibility with ease of formulating both acid and alkaline cleaners. Other application possibilities include car, truck, rail & marine cleaners, hard surface cleaners, and manual dish wash detergents.

Sustainability Profile

    • Readily biodegradable
    • 71% bio-based
    • Listed on EPA’s Safer Chemical Ingredient List
    • Contains < 1 ppm, 1,4-Dioxane
Dehypound M Info & Sample

Simplify your alkaline formulations

Multi-application blends that attack a broad range of soils in consumer Home Care and I&I markets, reducing the number of chemical ingredients, increasing versatility in regard to concentrated or ready-to-use solutions, allowing flexibility across temperature ranges and dispensing options, that also have compatibility with other ingredients and surfactants all with a superior Environmental Profile.

The question really becomes, Why not use surfactant blends?

A few more questions to ask yourself:

    • Do you have a concern or desire for reducing ingredient inventory? ✅
    • Are you looking to improve your product performance or outperform a competitor’s formula? ✅
    • Are you looking to reduce solvent use? ✅
    • Do you require or desire a bio-based and environmentally friendly solution?  ✅
    • Do you just want simplicity where you can get it?  ✅

If any of the above apply to you, then Dehypound Blends are right for you. Get your sample today or contact us to discuss further.

Still unsure which performance blend is right for you, Here’s a chart to highlight each blend’s specifications: 

  Dehypound® M Dehypound® HDG Dehypound® Advanced
Performance Excellent Overall Multi-Soil “Streak-Free” Cleaning Excellent Overall Multi-Soil Heavy Duty Cleaning and Degreasing Excellent low/room temperature, “Streak-Free” Cleaning
Operational Temperature Range RT -130°F RT -150°F RT -85°F
Foam Moderately High Moderately Low, Dissipating Moderately Low
Formulation Flexibility Compatible with Solvents; Weak Organic Acids; Moderate to Strong Alkali; Nonionic, Anionic, Cationic (Including Quaternary), and Amphoteric surfactants. Coupling properties generally eliminate the need for additional hydrotrope Compatible with Solvents; Weak Organic to Strong Acids; Moderate to Strong Alkali; Nonionic, Anionic, Cationic (Including Quaternary), and Amphoteric surfactants Incompatible with Solvents, Strong Acids, Moderate to Strong Alkalis

Low 1,4 Dioxane

EPA Safer Choice Ingredients Listed

Low 1,4 Dioxane

EPA Safer Choice Ingredients Listed

Low 1,4 Dioxane

EPA Safer Choice Ingredients Listed

Aerosol Cleaners & Degreasers
Car & Marine Cleaners  
Heavy Duty Acid Cleaners & Descalers    
Heavy Duty Alkaline Cleaners & Degreasers  
Laundry Detergents & Prespotters    
Light Duty Acid Cleaner  
Light Duty Hard Surface Cleaners
Manual Dish Wash Detergents  
PVA/Water Soluble Pouch Cleaners & Detergents    
Truck & Rail Cleaners  
  Sample Dehypound® M 🛒 SampleDehypound® HDG sample 🛒 Sample Dehypound® Advanced 🛒