Alkaline Degreaser with Dehypound® HDG

This formulation features Dehypound® HDG which is a nonionic surfactant blend that reduces complexity/time in mixing formulations and logistics. It provides superior cleaning and eliminates the need for multiple surfactants/solvents. This product has been designed to provide superior hard surface cleaning on a wide spectrum of soils without needing solvents. Applications such as Barge Cleaner, Bilge Cleaner, Bottle Wash Cleaner, Fabric Pre-wash/Prespotter, Floor Cleaner, Oven/Grill Cleaner, Rail Cleaner, Soak Tank Cleaner, Truck Wash Detergent!

Formulation contains less than <1 ppm 1,4-Dioxane

Trade Name Chemical Description %
D.I Water 85.55
Sodium Metasilicate Pentahydrate 2.0
Trisodium Salt of Methylglycinediacetic Acid (40%) 2.5
Dehypound HDG Nonionic Surfacant Blend 4.0
Glucopon 225 DK Caprylyl/Decyl Glucoside (70%) 5.0
Polyacrylate 1.0

Procedure for Alkaline Degreaser with Dehypound® HDG

  1. Add ingredients in order listed with moderate mixing.
  2. Dissolve each ingredient completely before adding the next ingredient.

Typical Properties

pH: 12.7
CP: 143°F