Fabric Softener, approximately 13.5 %


Trade Name



1 Water 83.90
Dyestuff, 1% 0.25
REWOQUAT® WE 18 Dihydrogenated Tallowethyl Hydroxyethylmonium Methosulfate 15.00
Calcium Chloride, 25 % 0.10-0.30

Perfume oil



Heat the water to approximately 45°C. Add the dyestuff and the antifoam solution if required. Slowly disperse in the REWOQUAT WE 18, preheated to approximately 50°C, adding calcium chloride solution sufficient to maintain a good processing viscosity. Stir for about 10 minutes and cool to approximately 25°C, adding the perfume oil at between 30 – 35°C. Finally adjust to the required viscosity with calcium chloride, not below 30°C.


Stir continuously throughout the preparation process. As far as possible avoid air entrainment. A substantial increase in the amount of calcium chloride could lead to separation of the dispersion. A dispersion with a preferred viscosity of approximately 80 mPas (+/- 20 mPas. Brookfield LVT, Sp 1, 30 rpm.

red viscosity of approximately 80 mPas (+/- 40 mPas). Brookfield LVT, Sp 1, 30 rpm.