ALDO MSLG KFG (Non-GMO): Arxada’s monoglycerol esters, AldoTM, and polyglycerol esters, PolyaldoTM, are highly compatible emulsifiers. As glycerol esters, these cosmetic ingredients are based on renewable raw materials of 100% vegetable origin. The PolyaldoTM range is particularly suited for mild rinse-off formulations, such as children’s shampoos, facial cleansers and shower gels. In particular, many PolyaldoTM emulsifiers help form small droplet sizes, and are therefore suited for both spray and foam formulations. Moreover, ALDO MSLG KFG (Non-GMO) and PolyaldoTM emulsifiers are appreciated for their additional benefits, such as long-lasting skin moisturization. Their versatility, ECOCERT certification and Soil Association approvals as well as Kosher and Halal food grade status, make PolyaldoTM and AldoTM products your first choice for safe, mild and green formulations.


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