Carboquat MW50 is a preservative that can be used to inhibit bacteria and fungal growth in metalworking fluids and related fluids like hydraulic fluids and compressor oils. This microbiocide may also be used to control bacterial and fungal growth in oil field and petrochemical flood water, subsurface injection systems, such as secondary, tertiary oil recovery systems, tar sand and oil sand and shale oil recovery, oil and gas fluids including drilling and packer fluids, hydrotesting operations, pipeline pigging and scraping, oil and gas pipeline and tank maintenance and preservation of fuel systems and fuel associated waters. It may also be used for slime control and sulfate reducing bacteria in oil field water flood systems. Carboquat MW50 aids in the control of bacterial and fungal growth in paints, petroleum products, decorative coatings, industrial cleaning solutions, and related products in aerosol cans. This multifunctional additive is also a highly effective anticorrosion agent and an effective emulsifier.

Carboquat MW50 is a non-corrosive microbiocide that exhibits all the benefits of a quat but does not contain choride. Carboquat® MW-50 provides an excellent thin film forming effect on all metals and has good biodegradation with no bioaccumulation.

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