Gentlex™ 611 L is an alkanolamide-free, very mild, high-active surfactant concentrate. It is a synergistic combination of a high foaming anionic surfactant, a cocamidopropyl betaine, and lauryl glucoside designed to build maximum viscosity even at low active levels.

Gentlex™ 611 L can be diluted to yield high foaming, non-alkanolamide-containing shampoos, body washes and skin cleansers with excellent viscosity potentiation. It can be used to make mild, high foaming light-duty detergents such as hand dishwashing detergents. This product has a solids content of 61.00-64.00%, a pH value (10% solution) of 6.00-7.50, and a sodium chloride content of 4.80 max.

Benefits of Gentlex™ 611 L :

  • Highly concentrated optimized surfactant blend
  • Pumpable and easy to disperse
  • Easy to dilute with standard equipments
  • Saves storage volume & processing time
  • Optimized skin mildness
  • Viscosity is easy to adjust even at lower concentration
  • Produces copious foam


* Gentlex was formerly known as Plantapon



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