Glycosperse O-20 KFG (Non-GMO) is used as an emulsifier in:

  •  Ice cream, frozen custard, ice milk, fruit sherbet, and non-standardized frozen desserts.
  •  Yeast-defoamer formulations.
  •  Edible fats and oils in special dietary foods.
  •  Shortening or edible oils intended for food use not precluded by standards of identity.
  •  Whipped edible oil topping.Glycosperse O-20 KFG (Non-GMO) is also a Solubilizing and dispersing agent in:
  •  Pickles and pickle products
  •  Vitamin-mineral preparations containing calcium caseinate in the absence of a fat-solublevitamin..
  •  Fat-soluble vitamins in vitamin and vitamin-mineral preparations containing no calciumcaseinate.
  •  Vitamin-mineral preparations containing both calcium caseinate and fat-soluble vitamins.
  •  Dill oil in canned spiced green beans.

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