Igepal® CO-987 is a polymerization surfactant for vinyl acetate and acrylic emulsions.  This surfactant with good water solubility is used as a detergent for well cleanout operations. It can emulsify paraffin and asphaltenes and has good temperature stability.

The Solvay Igepal® range of alkylphenol ethoxylates is designed to improve the stability performance of a wide range of polymer systems at the usage level of 0.5-3.0% (based on total monomers). The low ethoxylated Igepal products are also suitable for being used as wetting agents. The Igepal products are only suitable for solvent-borne system if their HLB value below 10.0.

The binders emulsified with these Igepal nonionics can be formulated into a broad range of applications, paints, and coatings, adhesives, paper, textile, etc. They can be added during the polymerization as well as the post additives for improvement of mechanical, freeze-thaw, and chemical stability. When added during the polymerization, the stability of pre-monomer emulsion can be improved as well.

Features & Benefits of Igepal® CO-987

  • Latex stabilizers
  • Emulsifiers and stabilizers for floor waxes and polishes
  • Highly water-soluble products for effective use at elevated temperatures
  • Good temperature stability


Igepal® nonionics are very effective and efficient. In most applications, these nonionics deliver significant performance improvement at a low usage level, such as:

  • Stability: mechanical, chemical, freeze-thaw, and pre-monomer emulsion
  • Wetting: pigment, substrates, etc
  • Color acceptance
  • Less water-sensitive versus the anionic
  • Less foaming tendency versus the anionic


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IGEPAL® CO-987: Nonylphenoxy Poly [Ethyleneoxy] Ethanol, Branched, 70% Active 

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      Nonylphenoxy Poly [Ethyleneoxy] Ethanol, Branched, 70% Active