Kopacol™ N 56 is a high active ether sulfate. Unlike other high active ether sulfates, contains no ethyl or isopropyl alcohol eliminating any fire hazard. This product is milder at use concentration than sodium lauryl sulfate and sodium laureth-1-sulfate. Kopacol™ N 56 is compatible with other anionics, nonionic, most amphoteric, and most natural and synthetic gums.

  • Equivalent to 2.25 batches of low active
  • Easy handling, unloading, and storage
  • Reduces Carbon Footprint by 66%
  • Eco-Hybrids with renewable coconut feedstock
  • The product does not exhibit gel phase upon dilution
  • Can be cold processed
  • Self-preserved by limited water content
  • Can be processed with existing plant equipment
  • Short ROI on equipment, if needed
  • No solvents present; No VOC

Kopacol was formerly known as Texapon.






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