TOMAKLEEN® G-14 is a highly efficient nonionic system formulated to replace solvent activity in cleaning formulations. It is compatible with nearly all additives, co-surfactants, and builders. It will penetrate soils and wet surfaces effectively. It will augment any industrial cleaning formula by providing effective penetration and wetting. It is recommended for degreasers and for replacing solvents, and it is readily biodegradable (>60% in 10 days).

TOMAKLEEN® G-14 is designed to replace oxygenated solvents with a more eco-friendly and mild cleaning solution. It also offers improved cleaning performance when compared with several existing mainstream oxygenated solvents. One of its main applications is hard surface cleaning, where the product has been shown to provide high degreasing efficiency using only very low levels.

Benefits at a glance

  • Fast cleaning driven by fast kinetics
  • High degreasing efficiency with low use levels
  • Excellent surface wetting and penetration of soils
  • Suitable for acid as well as alkaline systems
  • Good solvency​
  • Moderate foam


Industrial cleaning (Heavy-duty industrial cleaners, acid cleaners, metal cleaners, and solvent replacement), Institutional cleaning, Kitchen and catering: degreasers, Janitorial: solvent replacement, and hard surface cleaning (All-Purpose, alkaline, and neutral cleaners), Pre-spotter for laundry, and Vehicle cleaning