Evonik produces a wide variety of nonionic surfactants. The Tomadol ethoxylates include both synthetic and plant-derived alcohols, and vary in both hydrophobe and ethylene oxide chain lengths, to yield a wide range of physical and surfactant properties. The Tomadol ethoxylates are excellent wetting agents, emulsifiers and detergents. Tomadol ethoxylates are moderate foamers. The Nonidet surfactants are nonionic surfactants that incorporate both ethylene oxide and propylene oxide to provide lower foam and good detergency.

TOMADOL® 25-7 is a nonionic linear alcohol ethoxylate surfactant ideal for laundry detergent formulations. It is well-suited for high efficiency detergents by providing efficacy at low use concentration, preventing soil redeposition, and moderate-to-low foam.

Benefits at a glance

  • Excellent cleaning, ideal for detergent formulations
  • Readily biodegradable (>60% in 10 days)
  • Moderate-to-low foam


Cleaners, Surface Care, Laundry, Facility cleaning, Professional Laundry, Cleaning


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